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Jan 2019 Trials

PREDOMOS study, impact of a social intervention program for socially isolated elderly cancer patients: update to the study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.


Couderc AL, Nouguerède E, Baumstarck K, Loubière S, Le Caer H, Guillem O, Rousseau F, Greillier L, Norguet-Monnereau E, Cecile M, Boulahssass R, Le Caer F, Tournier S, Butaud C, Guillet P, Nahon S, Kirscher S, Diaz N, Morando C, Villani P, Auquier P, Daumas A


Social isolation potentiates the risk of death by cancer in the older cancer patient population. The PREDOMOS study investigates the impact of establishing a Program of Social intervention associated with techniques of Domotic and Remote assistance on the improvement of quality of life of older isolated patients, treated for locally advanced or metastatic cancer. This paper updates the pilot trial protocol.

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