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Dec 2006 The EMBO journal

RecFOR proteins are essential for Pol V-mediated translesion synthesis and mutagenesis.


Fujii S, Isogawa A, Fuchs RP


When the replication fork moves through the template DNA containing lesions, daughter-strand gaps are formed opposite lesion sites. These gaps are subsequently filled-in either by translesion synthesis (TLS) or by homologous recombination. RecA filaments formed within these gaps are key intermediates for both of the gap-filling pathways. For instance, Pol V, the major lesion bypass polymerase in Escherichia coli, requires a functional interaction with the tip of the RecA filament. Here, we show that all three recombination mediator proteins RecFOR are needed to build a functionally competent RecA filament that supports efficient Pol V-mediated TLS in the presence of ssDNA-binding protein (SSB). A positive contribution of RecF protein to Pol V lesion bypass is demonstrated. When Pol III and Pol V are both present, Pol III imparts a negative effect on Pol V-mediated lesion bypass that is counteracted by the combined action of RecFOR and SSB. Mutations in recF, recO or recR gene abolish induced mutagenesis in E. coli.

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