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Feb 2020 Expert opinion on biological therapy

Role of Inducible Co-Stimulator (ICOS) in cancer immunotherapy.


Amatore F, Gorvel L, Olive D


: The promotion of antitumor response by targeting co-stimulatory B7 superfamily members has become evident to create a new wave of cancer immunotherapy. Inducible Co-Stimulator (ICOS), which is expressed on activated T cells, gained interest in the translational medicine community.: We performed an extensive literature review using the keywords ‘ICOS’ and ‘cancer’, and the Clinicaltrials.gov database for early phase clinical trials targeting ICOS. In this review, we highlight the dual role of ICOS in oncogenesis in different malignancies. We summarize the current state of knowledge about ICOS/ICOSL pathway targeting by immunotherapies.: Due to its multifaceted link with anti-tumor immunity, both antagonist and agonist antibodies might be of interest to target the ICOS/ICOSL pathway for tumor treatment. Indeed, ICOS activation might potentiate the effect of an inhibitory checkpoint blockade, while its neutralization could decrease the function of immunosuppressive Tregs and inhibit lymphoid tumor cells expressing Tfh markers.

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