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Dec 2006 Current biology : CB

Scrib controls Cdc42 localization and activity to promote cell polarization during astrocyte migration.


Osmani N, Vitale N, Borg JP, Etienne-Manneville S


Mammalian Scribble (Scrib) plays a conserved role in polarization of epithelial and neuronal cells. Polarization is essential for migration of a variety of cell types; however, the function of Scrib in this context remains unclear. Scrib has been shown to interact with betaPIX, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for the small GTPases Rac and Cdc42. Cdc42 controls cell polarity from yeast to mammals during asymmetric cell division and epithelial cell polarization, as well as during cell migration. Cdc42 is, in particular, required for polarization and orientation of astrocytes in a scratch-induced polarized migration assay. Using this assay, we characterized Scrib function during polarized cell migration.

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