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Jun 1998 Indian journal of experimental biology

Sequence analysis of full length cDNA for enhancing factor/phospholipase A2.


Kadam S, Deshpande C, Coulier F, Mulherkar R


Enhancing factor (EF) protein was initially purified as a modulator of epidermal growth factor from small intestines of mouse. The cDNA sequence, obtained by RT-PCR, revealed that EF belonged to the non-pancreatic, phospholipase A2 (PLA2) family. This was the first report of the mouse PLA2. In the present paper we report the complete cDNA sequence of EF gene, in which the 5′ sequence has been obtained by RAcE-PCR. The predicted amino acid sequence was computer analysed and the putative sites for enzyme action, calcium binding and heparin binding have been identified. The complete protein sequence of EF along with 16 aligned sequences were used to infer a phylogenetic tree. From this data the mouse EF was grouped with other membrane associated PLA2 with a bootstrap value of 98% indicating that it belonged to this class.

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