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10 2018 Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology

SLX4: multitasking to maintain genome stability.


The SLX4/FANCP tumor suppressor has emerged as a key player in the maintenance of genome stability, making pivotal contributions to the repair of interstrand cross-links, homologous recombination, and in response to replication stress genome-wide as well as at specific loci such as common fragile sites and telomeres. SLX4 does so in part by acting as a scaffold that controls and coordinates the XPF-ERCC1, MUS81-EME1, and SLX1 structure-specific endonucleases in different DNA repair and recombination mechanisms. It also interacts with other important DNA repair and cell cycle control factors including MSH2, PLK1, TRF2, and TOPBP1 as well as with ubiquitin and SUMO. This review aims at providing an up-to-date and comprehensive view on the key functions that SLX4 fulfills to maintain genome stability as well as to highlight and discuss areas of uncertainty and emerging concepts.

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