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Aug 2007 Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)

Synthesis, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity evaluation of some new bis-Schiff bases of isatin and their derivatives.


Jarrahpour A, Khalili D, De Clercq E, Salmi C


Twelve new bis-Schiff bases of isatin, benzylisatin and 5-fluoroisatin 3a-3l were prepared by condensation of isatin, benzylisatin and 5-fluoroisatin with primary aromatic amines. The chemical structures of the products were confirmed by 1H- and 13CNMR, IR and mass spectral data. The compounds were screened for antiviral activity against a panel of DNA and RNA viruses. Minimum cytotoxic and minimum virus-inhibitory concentrations of these compounds were determined. Compounds 3c and 3i were the most cytotoxic in HEL cells. These newly synthesized bis-Schiff bases were also tested for their antibacterial and antifungal activities. They did not display activity against S. cerevisiae (ATCC 28383) or C. albicans (CIP 1180-79).

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