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Sep 2015 Annals of botany

The impact of sodium nitroprusside and ozone in kiwifruit ripening physiology: a combined gene and protein expression profiling approach.


Tanou G, Minas IS, Karagiannis E, Tsikou D, Audebert S, Papadopoulou KK, Molassiotis A


Despite their importance in many aspects of plant physiology, information about the function of oxidative and, particularly, of nitrosative signalling in fruit biology is limited. This study examined the possible implications of O3 and sodium nitroprusside (SNP) in kiwifruit ripening, and their interacting effects. It also aimed to investigate changes in the kiwifruit proteome in response to SNP and O3 treatments, together with selected transcript analysis, as a way to enhance our understanding of the fruit ripening syndrome.

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