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07 2017 Expert review of anticancer therapy

The use of systemic therapies to prevent progression of inflammatory breast cancer: which targeted therapies to add on cytotoxic combinations?


Gonçalves A, Monneur A, Viens P, Bertucci F


Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but frequently fatal disease, essentially because of its high ability to develop distant metastases. Even though the prognosis of IBC was significantly improved by multimodal management, including the systematic use of cytotoxic-based induction, the prognosis remains largely dismal. Areas covered: This review presents the main achievements in the systemic treatment of IBC during the past 30 years. It focuses more specifically on recent results obtained with targeted therapies, including anti-HER2 and anti-angiogenic agents. Novel approaches under investigation are presented. Expert commentary: Current management of IBC is subtype-specific and the largest benefit has been achieved in HER2-positive disease. The identification of breakthrough therapeutic advances is eagerly awaited and will require the development of IBC-specific clinical trials. Future clinical investigations should not only aim to increase the pathological response rate but also to eradicate distant metastases, which ultimately lead to patient death.

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