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Jul Jun 2007 Medecine sciences : M/S

Towards an integrated cellular and molecular: definition of breast cancers.


Charafe-Jauffret E, Chaffanet M, Bertucci F, Ginestier C, Jacquemier J, deLapeyrière O, Birnbaum D


Breast cancer is a major health problem as well as scientifically poorly understood. Our knowledge of breast cancer is however rapidly progressing in several directions. First, genomic studies are establishing a new molecular classification of breast cancers. Molecular subtypes have been identified and are being associated with the histoclinical forms of breast cancers. Second, genetic alterations are discovered and classified, generating new potential therapeutical targets. Third, mammary stem cells have been identified in the normal mammary epithelium. Their altered counterparts have been identified in tumors and are being characterized. These combined studies allow a new integrated cellular and molecular definition of breast cancers and a conceptual basis that will help the management of the disease.

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