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Jan 2012 Journal of clinical pathology

Two cases of opportunistic parasite infections in patients receiving alemtuzumab.


Desoubeaux G, Caumont C, Passot C, Dartigeas C, Bailly E, Chandenier J, Duong TH


Two cases are reported of rare digestive opportunistic parasites in patients being treated with alemtuzumab for lymphoid haematological malignancies. In both patients, classical biological examinations were insufficient to reach the diagnosis. Only specific parasitological techniques enabled diagnoses of cryptosporidiosis and microsporidiosis, respectively. In both cases, cellular immune reconstitution was sufficient to eradicate these opportunistic infections. In this context, parasitological diagnosis is often underestimated by medical practitioners, so immunologists and oncohaematologists need to be aware of this kind of opportunistic pathogen.

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