Valérie Garcia

Jun 2021 Nature

Concerted cutting by Spo11 illuminates meiotic DNA break mechanics.

Johnson D, Crawford M, Cooper T, Claeys Bouuaert C, Keeney S, Llorente B, Garcia V, Neale MJ

Apr 2015 Nature

Tel1(ATM)-mediated interference suppresses clustered meiotic double-strand-break formation.

Garcia V, Gray S, Allison RM, Cooper TJ, Neale MJ

Oct 2011 Nature

Bidirectional resection of DNA double-strand breaks by Mre11 and Exo1.

Garcia V, Phelps SE, Gray S, Neale MJ

Oct 2018 Nature communications

Regulatory control of DNA end resection by Sae2 phosphorylation.

Cannavo E, Johnson D, Andres SN, Kissling VM, Reinert JK, Garcia V, Erie DA, Hess D, Thomä NH, Enchev RI, Peter M, Williams RS, Neale MJ, Cejka P

Jan 2016 Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)

Meiotic DSB patterning: A multifaceted process.

Cooper TJ, Garcia V, Neale MJ

Nov 2014 Experimental cell research

Homeostatic regulation of meiotic DSB formation by ATM/ATR.

Cooper TJ, Wardell K, Garcia V, Neale MJ

Sep 2013 Molecular cell

Phosphorylation-dependent assembly and coordination of the DNA damage checkpoint apparatus by Rad4(TopBP1).

Qu M, Rappas M, Wardlaw CP, Garcia V, Ren JY, Day M, Carr AM, Oliver AW, Du LL, Pearl LH

Jul 2013 Open biology

Positive regulation of meiotic DNA double-strand break formation by activation of the DNA damage checkpoint kinase Mec1(ATR).

Gray S, Allison RM, Garcia V, Goldman AS, Neale MJ

Jun 2012 PLoS genetics

The Rad4(TopBP1) ATR-activation domain functions in G1/S phase in a chromatin-dependent manner.

Lin SJ, Wardlaw CP, Morishita T, Miyabe I, Chahwan C, Caspari T, Schmidt U, Carr AM, Garcia V

Jan 2008 Gene

Gene tagging and gene replacement using recombinase-mediated cassette exchange in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Watson AT, Garcia V, Bone N, Carr AM, Armstrong J

Nov 2005 DNA repair

Identification and functional analysis of TopBP1 and its homologs.

Garcia V, Furuya K, Carr AM

Jan 2003 The Plant cell

AtATM is essential for meiosis and the somatic response to DNA damage in plants.

Garcia V, Bruchet H, Camescasse D, Granier F, Bouchez D, Tissier A

Apr 2000 Nucleic acids research

An ATM homologue from Arabidopsis thaliana: complete genomic organisation and expression analysis.

Garcia V, Salanoubat M, Choisne N, Tissier A