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May 2012 FEBS letters

Extensions of PSD-95/discs large/ZO-1 (PDZ) domains influence lipid binding and membrane targeting of syntenin-1.


Wawrzyniak AM, Vermeiren E, Zimmermann P, Ivarsson Y


Syntenin-1 is a PDZ protein involved in receptor recycling and clustering. Its two PDZ domains interact with various receptors and phosphoinositides, and are flanked by N- and C-terminal regions. Here, we report the identification of an autoinhibitory peptide stretch in the N-terminus that might be regulated by phosphorylation. We further establish that basic residues in the C-terminal region mediate electrostatic interactions with reconstituted liposomes and contribute to the plasma membrane targeting. Our study adds new components to the multi-dentate membrane targeting mechanism and highlights the role of N- and C-terminal PDZ extensions in the regulation of syntenin-1 plasma membrane localization.

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