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07 2019 Journal of global oncology

Metronomic Chemotherapy for Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Survey of Current Practices and Opinions of Pediatric Oncologists.


Revon-Rivière G, Banavali S, Heississen L, Gomez Garcia W, Abdolkarimi B, Vaithilingum M, Li CK, Leung PC, Malik P, Pasquier E, Epelman S, Chantada G, André N


Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) experience the burden of 80% of new childhood cancer cases worldwide, with cure rates as low as 10% in some countries. Metronomics combines frequent administrations of low-dose chemotherapy with drug repurposing, which consists of using already-approved drugs for new medical applications. With wide availability, limited costs, and little infrastructure needs, metronomics can be part of constraint-adapted regimens in these resource-limited settings-with the understanding that metronomics shall not be a substitute for standard treatments when available and doable. Our study aims to describe the experience, practices, opinions, and needs in metronomics of physicians working in LMICs.

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