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Aug 2009 Archives de pediatrie : organe officiel de la Societe francaise de pediatrie

[Metronomic chemotherapy in pediatric oncology: hype or hope?].


André N, Pasquier E, Verschuur A, Sterba J, Gentet JC, Rössler J


Angiogenesis is crucial for the growth of cancer. As such, it has become an established target in fighting cancer. Metronomic chemotherapy-the chronic administration of chemotherapy at relatively low, minimally toxic doses on a frequent schedule of administration at close regular intervals, with no prolonged drug-free breaks-is a potential novel approach to controlling advanced cancer disease. It is thought to work primarily through antiangiogenic mechanisms and has the property of killing resistant cancer cells while significantly reducing undesirable toxic side effects. We review the data regarding the use of metronomic chemotherapy in children with cancer and discuss its potential uses and limits.

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