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Jan 2013 Advances in experimental medicine and biology

Phosphoinositides and PDZ domain scaffolds.


Wawrzyniak AM, Kashyap R, Zimmermann P


The discovery that PSD-95/Discs large/ZO-1 (PDZ) domains can function as lipid-binding modules, in particular interacting with phosphoinositides (PIs), was made more than 10 years ago (Mol Cell 9(6): 1215-1225, 2002). Confirmatory studies and a series of functional follow-ups established PDZ domains as dual specificity modules displaying both peptide and lipid binding, and prompted a rethinking of the mode of action of PDZ domains in the control of cell signaling. In this chapter, after introducing PDZ domains, PIs and methods for studying protein-lipid interactions, we focus on (i) the prevalence and the specificity of PDZ-PIs interactions, (ii) the molecular determinants of PDZ-PIs interactions, (iii) the integration of lipid and peptide binding by PDZ domains, (iv) the common features of PIs interacting PDZ domains and (v) the regulation and functional significance of PDZ-PIs interactions.

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