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05 2022 Journal for immunotherapy of cancer

Targeting CISH enhances natural cytotoxicity receptor signaling and reduces NK cell exhaustion to improve solid tumor immunity.


Delconte R, Pastor S, Laletin V, Goubard A, Josselin E, Castellano R, Krug A, Vernerey J, Devillier R, Olive D, Verhoeyen E, Vivier E, Huntington ND, Nunes J, Guittard G


The success and limitations of current immunotherapies have pushed research toward the development of alternative approaches and the possibility to manipulate other cytotoxic immune cells such as natural killer (NK) cells. Here, we targeted an intracellular inhibiting protein ‘cytokine inducible SH2-containing protein’ (CISH) in NK cells to evaluate the impact on their functions and antitumor properties.

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