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Dec 2005 Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS

Understanding microtubule dynamics for improved cancer therapy.


Honore S, Pasquier E, Braguer D


Microtubules (MTs), key components of the cytoskeleton, are dynamic polymers of tubulin that form a well-organized network of polarized tube filaments. MT dynamics are highly regulated both spacially and temporally by several MT-related proteins, themselves regulated by several kinases and phosphatases via signaling cascades, and also by coordinated interactions with actin cytoskeleton and adhesion sites. Regulation of MT dynamics is crucial for mitosis, cell migration, cell signaling and trafficking. MT-targeted drugs (MTDs), which constitute a major anticancer drug family with antimitotic and antiangiogenic properties, inhibit tumor progression mainly by altering MT dynamics in both cancer and endothelial cells. Identification of proteins regulating the MT network will lead to a better understanding of tumor progression regulators and will be helpful in improving cancer therapy.

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