Alexandre de Nonneville

Aug 2022 EMBO molecular medicine

TOP3A amplification and ATRX inactivation are mutually exclusive events in pediatric osteosarcomas using ALT.

de Nonneville A, Salas S, Bertucci F, Sobinoff AP, Adélaïde J, Guille A, Finetti P, Noble JR, Churikov D, Chaffanet M, Lavit E, Pickett HA, Bouvier C, Birnbaum D, Reddel RR, Géli V

Jan 1970 Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)

WEE1 Dependency and Pejorative Prognostic Value in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

de Nonneville A, Finetti P, Birnbaum D, Mamessier E, Bertucci F

Jul 2022 Journal of the National Cancer Institute

RE: NDRG1 in Aggressive Breast Cancer Progression and Brain Metastasis.

de Nonneville A, Finetti P, Mamessier E, Bertucci F

Feb 2018 Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology

The Genomic Grade Index predicts postoperative clinical outcome in patients with soft-tissue sarcoma.

Bertucci F, De Nonneville A, Finetti P, Perrot D, Nilbert M, Italiano A, Le Cesne A, Skubitz KM, Blay JY, Birnbaum D

Mar 2021 Nature communications

Alternative lengthening of telomeres is not synonymous with mutations in ATRX/DAXX.

de Nonneville A, Reddel RR

Jan 2022 Journal for immunotherapy of cancer

Immunologic constant of rejection signature is prognostic in soft-tissue sarcoma and refines the CINSARC signature.

Bertucci F, Niziers V, de Nonneville A, Finetti P, Mescam L, Mir O, Italiano A, Le Cesne A, Blay JY, Ceccarelli M, Bedognetti D, Birnbaum D, Mamessier E

Sep 2022 Cancer medicine

The need to tailor the omission of axillary lymph node dissection to patients with good prognosis and sentinel node micro-metastases.

Houvenaeghel G, de Nonneville A, Chopin N, Classe JM, Mazouni C, Chauvet MP, Reyal F, Tunon de Lara C, Jouve E, Rouzier R, Daraï E, Gimbergues P, Coutant C, Azuar AS, Villet R, Crochet P, Rua S, Bannier M, Cohen M, Boher JM