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07 2022 Cancers

CISH Expression Is Associated with Metastasis-Free Interval in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Refines the Prognostic Value of PDL1 Expression.


Strategies are being explored to increase the efficiency of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) targeting PD1/PDL1 in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), including combination with therapies inhibiting intracellular immune checkpoints such as CISH (Cytokine-induced SH2 protein). Correlation between CISH expression and TNBC features is unknown. We retrospectively analyzed expression in 1936 clinical TNBC samples and searched for correlations with clinical variables, including metastasis-free interval (MFI). Among TNBCs, 44% were identified as « -up » and 56% « -down ». High expression was associated with pathological axillary lymph node involvement, more adjuvant chemotherapy, and Lehmann’s immunomodulatory and luminal AR subtypes. The « -up » class showed longer 5-year MFI (72%) than the « -down » class (60%; = 2.8 × 10). upregulation was associated with activation of IFNα and IFNγ pathways, antitumor cytotoxic immune response, and signatures predictive for ICI response. When and were upregulated together, the 5-year MFI was 81% 52% when not upregulated ( = 6.21 × 10). The two-gene model provided more prognostic information than each gene alone and maintained its prognostic value in multivariate analysis. expression is associated with longer MFI in TNBC and refines the prognostic value of expression. Such observation might reinforce the therapeutic relevance of combining CISH inhibition with an anti-PD1/PDL1 ICI.

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