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Jul 2013 Organic & biomolecular chemistry

Stereoselective synthesis of original spirolactams displaying promising folded structures.


Chaubet G, Coursindel T, Morelli X, Betzi S, Roche P, Guari Y, Lebrun A, Toupet L, Collette Y, Parrot I, Martinez J


Access to diastereoisomeric forms of original spirolactam frameworks and investigation of their folded potentials are depicted here. Taking advantage of a stereoselective ring-contraction reaction, the Transannular Rearrangement of Activated Lactams (TRAL), followed by two unprecedented tandem reactions, we describe here an efficient access to elegant spirocyclic scaffolds. After dimerization, NMR analyses, circular dichroism, SEM and molecular modelling indicated the existence of an attractive edifice able to fold and behave as a PPII helix, a common yet neglected peptidic secondary structure.

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