Philippe Roche

May 2020 ACS chemical biology

Fr-PPIChem: An Academic Compound Library Dedicated to Protein-Protein Interactions.

Bosc N, Muller C, Hoffer L, Lagorce D, Bourg S, Derviaux C, Gourdel ME, Rain JC, Miller TW, Villoutreix BO, Miteva MA, Bonnet P, Morelli X, Sperandio O, Roche P

Apr 2019 Journal of chemical information and modeling

CovaDOTS: In Silico Chemistry-Driven Tool to Design Covalent Inhibitors Using a Linking Strategy.

Hoffer L, Saez-Ayala M, Horvath D, Varnek A, Morelli X, Roche P

Jul 2018 Journal of medicinal chemistry

Integrated Strategy for Lead Optimization Based on Fragment Growing: The Diversity-Oriented-Target-Focused-Synthesis Approach.

Hoffer L, Voitovich YV, Raux B, Carrasco K, Muller C, Fedorov AY, Derviaux C, Amouric A, Betzi S, Horvath D, Varnek A, Collette Y, Combes S, Roche P, Morelli X

Dec 2016 PLoS pathogens

Modulation of Re-initiation of Measles Virus Transcription at Intergenic Regions by PXD to NTAIL Binding Strength.

Bloyet LM, Brunel J, Dosnon M, Hamon V, Erales J, Gruet A, Lazert C, Bignon C, Roche P, Longhi S, Gerlier D

Jan 2016 Database : the journal of biological databases and curation

2P2Idb v2: update of a structural database dedicated to orthosteric modulation of protein-protein interactions.

Basse MJ, Betzi S, Morelli X, Roche P

Aug 2011 Current opinion in chemical biology

Chemical and structural lessons from recent successes in protein-protein interaction inhibition (2P2I).

Morelli X, Bourgeas R, Roche P

Dec 2019 PLoS genetics

A divergent CheW confers plasticity to nucleoid-associated chemosensory arrays.

Guiseppi A, Vicente JJ, Herrou J, Byrne D, Barneoud A, Moine A, Espinosa L, Basse MJ, Molle V, Mignot T, Roche P, Mauriello EMF

May 2023 Nature communications

From a drug repositioning to a structure-based drug design approach to tackle acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Saez-Ayala M, Hoffer L, Abel S, Ben Yaala K, Sicard B, Andrieu GP, Latiri M, Davison EK, Ciufolini MA, Brémond P, Rebuffet E, Roche P, Derviaux C, Voisset E, Montersino C, Castellano R, Collette Y, Asnafi V, Betzi S, Dubreuil P, Combes S, Morelli X